Rally in the Alley

Thursday Night Special Event

August 15, 2013


The Gathering
Delegates will gather in the Delta Hotel Ballroom for the start of the "Rally in the Alley". Colourful "Rally in the Alley" bandanas are presented to delegates, and the crowd is split up into two or three groups, depending on number registered. Let the fun begin! The night starts with a colourful march to George Street led by a travelling minstrel.

A Scoff 
(noun- A cooked meal at sea or ashore, esp. at night and often part of an impromptu party) Dictionary of Newfoundland English

Located on one of the oldest streets in North America, the Sundance Saloon/Club One will provide a scoff of traditional fish n’ chips that has made St. John’s so famous.  For those who are allergic to seafood we have alternative meals. (Please indicate this when registering) While eating, listen to traditional Newfoundland music!

George Street Awaits
When all bellies are full, the pub crawl commences! Kin teams travel (note: gets more difficult as the night goes on) to different bars on George Street. Newfoundland traditions await at each bar: Take part in traditional Newfoundland step dancing, join in a roaring rendition of “Jack was Every Inch a Sailor” And, the official part of the evening, you get to become an honourary Newfoundlander! Yes, that’s right! A Screech In for all delegates.

A Scuff 

(noun - a dance, usually held in somebody's house, barn or stage.) Dictionary of Newfoundland English

Following the pub crawl, delegates will gather back at Club One for a performance by One Night Stand featuring our very own, Life Member Peter Noel. End the night with a Scuff and a Swalley (noun - a swallow of drink, tossing back a swalley to toast good times) Dictionary of Newfoundland English


Fish n’ Chips pub dinner, entrance to pubs, 2 beverages, Screech-In ceremony, custom Rally bandanas, McCarthy’s attendants, entertainment on pub-crawl, and local band One Night Stand featuring Life Member Peter Noel to finish. 

Please note there will be no Hospitality suite at the Delta for this night only. Delegates may stay at Club One until the wee hours of the morning.